Not enough?

Ever feel like no matter what you do, you just aren’t enough? like everyone overlooks you? like no one sees any value in who and what you are? Yea….me too.

Def Con 1 approaching

Thank you to Master Jon for allowing me a place to express myself. Sometimes it is just a necessity to not carry so much that one feels crushed. I am in the process of several transitions – leaving my current city, my current job, my home and starting over. My father was recently hospitalized and finances are in flux. I tell you.. it’s rough emotionally, but, I believe on the other end I’ll look back and feel better about life in general. At least I hope so!

Whew… what I wouldn’t give for someone to help carry the load a bit – to ease my stress and to help calm me. One day perhaps… for now, this will have to be my outlet.

That’s it for now as packing does call… run run 🙂 more to come later!